About Pisa

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PISA Members

PISA is a membership organization. To become a member you must donate:

  • Life Member: $1000.00 once in a lifetime.
  • Regular Member: $100.00 annually.

PISA operations are run by the Board of Trustees, members of which are nominated by PISA members.


The Board of Trustees:

  • Ajit Kayal: Life Member, Managing Trustee, Founding Member
  • Daulat Hussain: Operations Manager
  • Sashi Gude: Life Member, Trustee, Founding Member
  • Sashi Gholkar: Life Member, Trustee, Founding Member
  • Rekha Gholkar: Treasurer, Trustee
  • Dev Kayal: Trustee
  • Anjali Kayal: Trustee - Communications
  • Rana Kayal: Life Member
  • David Kearns: Life Member

Registered Office:

506 W Country Club Ln,

Wallingford, PA 19086- 6509, USA

Phone: 610-627-0504

Operating Office:

2314 Peggy Lane,

Silver Spring, MD 20910-2329, USA

Phone: 301-588-4783