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What does it mean to be a PISA approved charity?

To be a PISA approved charity, PISA must have had a request from a donor for a charity to be approved. Then PISA will ensure that the work that the charity does is in line with PISA's objective and constitution.

How do I add a charity, that I would like to donate to, to the list?

To donate to a new charity, PISA requires that you fill out the New Charity Application Form on the Donate page.

Once you have filled out the form please send it to the operational headquarters (2314 Peggy Lane, Silver Spring MD 20910-2329 USA) or email it to us at pisausa2@gmail.com

List of PISA approved charities

Registered Office:

506 W Country Club Ln,

Wallingford, PA 19086- 6509, USA

Phone: 610-627-0504

Operating Office:

2314 Peggy Lane,

Silver Spring, MD 20910-2329, USA

Phone: 301-588-4783